Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve Novick

I am supporting Steve Novick for US Senate. You can check out his impressive bio at or check out his introductory television ads. You'll see a candidate who's a little different.

The second ad went viral (with already 70,000 hits on YouTube and was even spoofed this week by folks at Portland's Willamette Week.

It's Steve's Seminonagenniel. (That's 45 in non-Latin human years.) In lieu of flowers, send Steve to the Senate! Drop in on his ActBlue fund raising page and hit the link Wish Steve A Happy Birthday! (near the top). Please have your credit or debit card ready. ;-)

ActBlue came online in 2004 and has been helping progressive, grassroots folks support their candidates of choice. Although Novick's primary opponent, Jeff Merkley, has the deep pockets of the Democratic establishment, Steve has consistently out-earned him here. Steve Novick's birthday challenge is currently the 3rd hottest page on ActBlue.

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