Sunday, August 31, 2008

Neville still fighting

Former Democratic Candidate candidate Candy Neville again says "NO" to the Politics of Wait. In a half-hearted attempt to attract her 38,000 votes in support of peace and justice earned at the end of Oregon's Democratic primary election to nominate a candidate to challenge Sen. Gordon Smith, Jeff Merkley tapped her to chair his "Campaign to Bring the Troops Home."

Merkley, who falsely claims to have been "against the war from the start," was in desperate need of a beard. My suspicions were confirmed with Neville's departure from the Merkley campaign in July, less than a month after Merkley's Primary win.

Today in an Op-ed in the Oregonian, Neville reveals why she chose to go her own way and to her credit, repeats her call to really bring the troops home.

I was asked to join Jeff Merkley's campaign as chair of the Bring the Troops Home Committee and lend my passion to the cause. I agreed and began to arrange for Merkley to meet with representatives from Oregon's vibrant peace community and watched him pledge to listen and respond. But he did not answer or return the phone calls he promised, on camera, to make.
Kudos to Candy for rejecting the Coalition of the Willing to Wait!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inside Invesco

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