Saturday, August 9, 2008

Curious George Goes to China

I'm sure you've already seen the photos; on TV, in the papers and on the interwebs.

President George W. Bush has a thing for beach volleyball (and whiskey too, from the looks of it).

"I'd invade that"
From the FARK caption contest

And so the call went out. Caption this moment in history. Below... my favorites culled from the web...

----------- caption this photo -----------

"You ladies ever hear of somethin' called a menage a trois? Trois means three; one, two three. There's three of us, get it? I could even get Laura to join in and make it a menage a quatro."

"Lemme brush home plate off for ya...PLAY BALL!"

"If Cheney says that I can."

"Heh heh, if they won't impeach me for tappin' their phones, I know I can get away with tappin' that!"

"Now watch this drive!"

"There's an old saying in Texas, hit that once, shame on... shame on me. Hit that twice, can't hit that 'gain"

"Now, if only I had exit strategy only then would I hit it"

"I'm from homeland security and it looks like you are going to need a body cavity search."

"If you lose the point, I spank you. If you win the point, you spank me."

"Sure I'll do your back... this is my imaginary bottle of suntan lotion right here."

"Lookie I can make a doggie shadow puppet on your back! He goes Bow WOW, Grrrr Ruff Ruff!! Ooo, scared myself there. I call him Commander Barkie, he tells me what decisions to make.

Do they have shadow puppetin as an event? Mabey if I owned them they would! Say who do I have to invade to own the olympics."

"Quick, someone tap that ass! No, no - the one behind her."

"They misunderestimated me. My answer is bring them on."

"I'll buy that for a dollar!"

"It's not undignified if the President does it."

"This is George Bush and i approve of this ass"

"This is going in my last 'State Of The Onion' address."

"I'd shock and awe that." [Henk, henk...]

"Good thing I have my Weapon of Ass Destruction"

Walsh: "Mr. President, I don't think making shadow dogs on her backside is what Misty meant when she asked if you liked 'doggy style'"

"Right, just like that. Now you put the Constitution on the ground right beneath you, and relax your bowels."

A visual display of President Bush's new domestic policy... "Bend over and take it America!"

----------- And it get's better -----------

"I'm genna have to check fer dubbya emm deez, Miss."

(What Would Bill Clinton Do?)
"I'd bail out that Fanny...Mac"

"It's good to be the king!"

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