Saturday, August 23, 2008

Denver or Bus'sed!

A Roadtrip

the beginning

It was a picture perfect morning in Portland. Although I didn't know exactly where to get on the Bus, I knew the vicinity and had an hour to find it before our 11am planned departure.

The new bus was easy to spot a couple blocks away with its oversized button logo exhorting all to "Get on the Bus!" which was the cheer delivered by we Denver bound twenty at 11:30 before boarding. It was a cheer which seemed to command the arrival of Bus Project founder, Jefferson Smith who then boarded a few minutes later. As "Ben from Aloha" took to the driver's seat, Ian Greenfield shouted from the back that we were good to go, and at a quarter of noon, we were off.

I credit karma for this over the top of the Rockies road trip. It was a couple months ago when Jefferson suckered me into supporting a piece of the new bus in what turned out to be a double bait and switch (and he doesn't even know me!). When the Bus Project announced a fundraiser featuring Jim Hightower and it turned out to be just around the corner from home, I knew I had to go. But then as bad luck would have it, Jim's flight was canceled (as if the airline would just cancel a flight!). The show went on without him nevertheless and later, when Jeff was offering bits of bus parts to sponsor, I was eager to put my money down on the speedometer; except I thought the devise in question was a Speedo-meter, something a kin to what a pantie inspector might use. Regardless, it's getting us to Denver at just over 60 mph (unless hill are involved).

The Project bus 2.0 is a sweet ride. It's got working A/C and a nice sound system that was playing KBOO as I took my seat, which surprised me given the gospel music format. (Jesus Loves Me had just been requested by a Monty Green.) Before long the station was switched to OPB and we enjoyed a few mintues of NPR's "Wait, wait, Don't tell me" (which I'd likely be listening to at home after watching the Sunday morning talking heads). We're just 20 people right now in this 40 plus seater, so at some point over the mountains, I expect people to be sacked out, emergency shelter style. Although the bathroom policy of the last bus was "Don't use the bathroom," there is serious discussion about having a second christening before we get to Denver. (Although he or she who deals it, cleans it... all up afterwards. If the bus had wi-fi, it would be perfect.

We filled up in Troutdale... $330.22.

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