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No Cuntry for Old Men

[Disclaimer: images are not safe for work, children or men who value their testicles. Caveat clickor.]
I didn't say it first. And h/t to Loaded Orygun for spreading this story fished from the news reels. Did you know that John McCain called his wife a "." That's right, a ! Some say the the word is the worst word in the English language. And John McCain actually called his own wife a . In front of reporters he called his wife a . Did you already know that John McCain called his wife a ? I didn't know until today that John McCain called his wife a . But thanks to YouTube, now you to can learn that John McCain actually called Cindy McCain a

Speaking of old news... Starting July I'll be highlighting stories from recent history. Along with headlines from the world while we were sleeping, I'll be publishing excerpts from my forthcoming campaign memoir "How to Find Joy in Nazi Germany" and a new special series "Meet the FOKers."

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