Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Disturbing Discovery

Renters Find Human Jaw, Miscarried Baby In Back Yard

A disturbing discovery was made Tuesday night in the town of Oconomowoc. [more here...]
To me, what was even more disturbing was the interview given by the two cousins who made the discovery:

"We found a baggie. We were like, 'Whatever,' but when we seen the teeth we were like, 'Whoa,' cause they're not kids' teeth, they were adult teeth. So that's when we're like, 'Whoa what is that?' That's what made us call police right away, is because of the teeth." Kevin Brennan

"I didn't know what to think until I dug it up. Then we were just joking around, throwing stuff around, and when we dug the bag up. It looked like a zipper bag. So I squeezed it and it was really soft. Really, like I wanna say it was like blood, but it was just brown. I called my wife and said, 'You better get home, find out what's going on,' and she called the cops." Lenny Warren

Note too how the second clown contradicts the first.

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