Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sam Adams

It's official. Sam Adams, unabashedly out Portland City Councilman is in the race for Puddletown's Mayor.

It seems even Sam's own media consultant was kept in the dark until the last moment garnering yours truly my first kudo over at Blue0 after a lengthy list of complaints (and even temporary, accidental bannination) for my critiques of another one of Mandate's client's, candidate Jeff Merkley.
Normally you wouldn't find me anywhere near Sam Adams and a pub. Traveling outside of Oregon i've asked, "Do you have any microbrews?" "We have Sam Adams lager!" No thanks. Portland's Sam Adams isn't anything like his namesake's distinctly average ale. His choice for tonight's announcement underscores this. Roots is the region's only all-organic brewery.
The event (whose hosts donated all tips and a portion of the receipts to the Leukemia Society) was a chance for normal folk to swim with the big fish in our small pond. I spotted pollster Mike Riley, who recently got a roasting for his polling tactics. In his defense, how can a guy who answers "wine" in a brewpub can't really be trusted to ask the right questions.
Also on hand were City Commissioner Randy Leonard and County Commish, Maria Rojo de Steffey. Underneath a portrait of Bob Marley, Sam gave credit to Portland's mayors present and past and went on to articulate his vision for Portland's future. [Disclaimer: I voted against Sam before i voted for him. Maybe it was simply Katz fatigue. After hearing his plan for small businesses, i was sold. As a successful small business, Roots lends Sam an important endorsement.
As Sam again steps into the media glare, he emerges perhaps scathed but strong following a failed smear campaign. That's partly why i was there, to keep good on a promise. Sam has been a good public servant. He's already earned my respect. He'll still have to earn my vote, but it was my pleasure to cheer him on in the process.

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