Monday, October 1, 2007

Blumenauer Responds

Although a previous supporter (and fair to say "fan") of Blumenauer, he lost me when he stopped telling the truth. His recent "Forum on Peace and Accountability" was promised a month ago and confirmed to many. Blumenauer thought he could renege and nobody would care. (I mean who else are you going to vote for in May, and then the General?) It wasn't until Blumenauer's aides were confronted at his closed door news conference with Nancy Pelosi that a September date was set.

Blumenauer isn't telling us the truth on impeachment. His recent statements that impeachment should now be on the table (coordinated after the August break with other chastised congressmen) along with his hollow call for "investigations" is just a stalling tactic. He has promised Pelosi he won't support impeachment. In exchange he's already gotten a new office with a splendid view of the Capitol dome. He's not running for the Senate because he's holding out for that long awaited Committee chairmanship.

Color me red, for irate. [photos...]

A week after the forum, Rep. Blumenauer responded.

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