Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blumenauer Reneges

Despite representing more liberals per capita than most areas of the country, Rep Earl Blumenauer (D) doesn't think it's a good idea to call for impeachment hearings to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration.

Three weeks ago in the face of regular protests in front of his Portland office (729 NE Oregon), he was still singing the same tune, but agreed to hold a forum on impeachment before going back to his DC office. No details at that time. Constituents were told to keep looking to the congressman's website for details.

During last weeks protest, i confirmed in person that a forum was in the works. It was just a matter for Blumenauer's scheduler (Joyce Fleming) to work out. But yesterday when i called in for an update, since there was still no word online, the new word from Blumenauer's office was, no... there is no forum being planned. I went into his office today and got the same information that Blumenauer flip-flopped and will dodge his constituents.

Call or write Earl Blumenauer (503-231-2300) and tell him to keep his word. He should show more loyalty to his constituents back home rather than Nancy Pelosi. No office with a view or committee chairmanship is worth allowing the Constitution to be shredded.

People in a position of trust should tell the truth...

Demonstrate at Blumenauer's office
every Thursday (noon-2pm)
729 N.E. Oregon Street (Portland 97232)

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