Monday, August 13, 2007

Die Atombombe

Tonight we went to Tony's Tavern for the Monday open mic hosted by Tommy Gaffney. Our good friend, Mikey Golightly, was the featured reader. If you get a chance, you have got to hear this guy's rhythm. It recalled in me a time when i used to have the muse too...

This trite rhyme goes back 20 years to a poetry reading in the Bavarian alps. I won a bottle of wine and enjoyed it with friends under a clear star spangled sky where i saw the Big Dipper, the same one i used to see back home in Oregon

Die Atombombe

in dem Boden schläft ein Hund
schneidende Zähne, aber kein Mund
der beißt die Völker ohne Grund

smoothly translated...

The Atomic Bomb

in the ground sleeps a hound
cutting teeth without a sound
he bites the people for reasons unfound

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Mikey Golightly said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, and for coming to Tony's last Monday. There's a reading there every Monday night, and I think I'm going to become a regular.

There's nothing like the damn-the-authority feeling of getting liquored up on Monday night and listening to some wonderful poets. Portland's best read there.