Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich

I spent the morning watching Turd Blossom stink up the airways as Rovemort did a farewell tour of the Sunday talking heads. He spread his GOP branded bullshit high and wide across CBS, NBC and FOX.

Later in the afternoon ABC spared us a repeat of Bush's traitor of a brain trust and instead gave us a 90 minute Democratic debate from Iowa. I've mused openly before how Rep. Dennis Kucinich is literally the only presidential candidate on the national stage who consistently shares my principles speaking with a conviction that i trust to the core. I was content to say how i'd re-register as a Democrat to vote for him if he's still on the ballot in Oregon come May, but i am motivated now to take a more affirmative step. I have added a link so that you can donate to the Kucinich campaign. I want his voice to be heard. Listen for yourself and see if he speaks for you!

(from a recent AFL-CIO debate)

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