Friday, August 17, 2007

Terrorist next door? is featuring a series of reports from their self described television event, "God's Warriors." The story begins in Oregon with a description of Portland's sister city in the south like something out of a conservative cartoon. It made my SE PDX liberal-lovin'-thumb plumb green with envy.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The path to faith often takes unexpected twists. In the case of Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, the road went through three of the world's major religions -- Judaism, Islam and Christianity -- and ultimately brought him to the FBI.

Born to Jewish parents who call themselves mystics, he grew up in what he calls the "liberal hippie Mecca" of Ashland, Oregon, a town of about 20,000 near the California border. It was in this ultraliberal intellectual environment that a young Gartenstein-Ross experimented with a radical form of Islam that eventually led him to shun music, reject women's rights and even refuse to touch dogs...

It is difficult to tell where TIME-WARNER TBS - AOL (which incidentally donated 1.6 million to Bush's 2000 campaign) wants to take us with this reportáge. Is the red scare to be replaced by the Moslem next door? We may no longer be fighting Mao's cultural revolution but their is more cultural conflict ahead for the progressive community. It's not even a question of welcoming the huddled masses with open arms. What do you do with fists in your face that are the result of our home sewn and grown freedoms of assembly and speech?

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