Friday, May 2, 2008

A tale of two rings

A funny thing happened on the way to the weekend. It was just a week ago today when I planted my wedding ring somewhere in the back yard. In something reminiscent of Poltergeist, it appears that our humble abode sits atop some vortex which delights in swallowing up baubles.

I was out sweeping the front porch (and I never sweep the front porch), as a neighbor passed by... walking her little girls down the block. She stopped to talk and gestured toward our lawn sign garden when all of a sudden, fling went her wedding ring into a weed ridden, leaf filled flower bed.

She and I were on our knees tout de suite pawing through the dandelions and tulips. My neighbor's concern heightened when we didn't immediately strike gold. I told her of my recent jewelry mishap and told her to continue on with the girls and I would continue the treasure hunt. Before long, I found her diamonds in our rough.

When I reunited wedding band with bride the look of relief was priceless. She had already contacted a friend who herself had lost her ring shortly before giving birth. Before night fall, she had a metal detector procured and all lived happy ever after.

I love happy endings.

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Mark said...

Terrific happy ending ... and a terrific Mother's Day brunch! So grand, and sustaining, to be at the table! Marko