Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Congressman

Please do not compromise on your efforts to end the US involvement in Iraq's civil war.

The Bush administration certainly must now admit that its "surge" strategy will not bring even a short term end to the violence. You have heard the reports that our American military has already drawn up plans to potentially extend the tours of every man and woman from 12 to 15 months:

This is an escalation.

Whether or not the Iraq war supplemental passes, the Commander-in-Chief is already planning to extend the tours of thousands currently serving. So don't let Bush bully the Democrats into removing the timetables for US troop redeployment:

The costs of retaining troops (especially when not being drafted through dubious extensions of service) is sky rocketing, not to mention the inflated costs of paying for KBR and Blackwater mercenaries.

For four YEARS the Iraq war has cost between 1 and 3 American lives EVERY DAY. Nothing has changed this. Every month that we keep the troops there another 30-90 troops will be lost.

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