Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Someone New for President

There's an innovative presidential poll over at Blue Oregon. Here's my early assessment...

If we could dispense with the elections and just let me personally pick the next President, it would be Kucinich. My take on some of the rest....

Gore: Didn't vote for him in 2000. His stock rose with me after i finally saw the film.

Obama: Not in love with him yet. When i was getting my first impression of him he was commenting on gay marriage. ROUGHLY paraphrased, his religious convictions just don't allow him to support it yet. WTF! You're running for President, not Pope! What really bothers me, is that i think he's lying. I would much prefer a candidate say candidly that he/she believes marriage shouldn't be a special right, but that pragmatically, it won't be high on the agenda.

Clinton: I still love Bill, damn his eyes. Hillary gives me the "typical politician" vibe, but that may just be the result of the constant media bashing. My mom, a Republican, hated her. And for no good reason, i might add. But the rabid right was so successful in demonizing her. After Dennis, she might be my next pick, just because of the "in your face, republicans!" effect.

Edwards: Didn't impress me in the last campaign. Benefits recently from warm/fuzzy news coverage.

Bottom line: I think it a fabulous field. I WILL vote for the eventual D nominee, which i haven't always in the past. Compare this to the R field, and i feel soooooo good.

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