Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Rhetoric of Life
by Caelan MacTavish

Take note, lefties. Reinhard and his ilk have won this battle because he does not acknowledge his opponents arguments; indeed, he does not need to. All he needs to do is make us squeamish, and then repeat what he says, again and again.

To which i [Thom] responded...

Too true. Whether the underlying message is "yuck" (anti-gay rhetoric) or "fear" (pro-war propaganda), the right wing spin machine has continually beat the Left to the punch in the war of words, defining the debate in terms which invariably causes the mushy middle to cave in and vote against their own self interests.

Why has the "Party of Hollywood" been so ineffectual using the same tactics? I know we have the talent to fight on this level. The amount of snark and cynicism demonstrated on liberal leaning blogs is incredible. Unfortunately, it seems to be most often aimed at the established leaders or up-and-comers in the progressive movement, as well as at each other. I am guilty of this myself.

My appeal: fight fire with fire, but take it easy on each other. Apologies in advance where i fail to follow my own plea.

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