Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blum and Gloom XXVIII

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It's week 27 at Rep. Earl Blumenauer's office. To date he still doesn't support impeachment. Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) continues to call his colleagues to hold Bush, Cheney & Co. accountable.

Neither wind nor rain stopped this Coalition for Peace and Justice.

Local attorney John Bradach was there as usual, but this time he brought a special guest protester, his sister Lynn. Since her son Travis died clearing US laid landmines in Iraq, Lynn has lead a life of full blown activism punctuated by brief periods of respite and recharge. She and I first met at Blumenauer's "Peace and Accountability" forum in Hollywood, where the Congressman made a pledge (since broken) "to vote NO on any appropriations bill that would continue military operation in Iraq." I don't wish to write anything trite about how she's channeling her grief for a greater good. All I know is there was a lesson there for me. And everyone should check out Adopt-A-Minefield in tribute to Travis, a proud US Marine.

Most of us listen to the local morning show on KPOJ, THC with Thom, Carl and Heidi. It's progressive talk radio and today a familiar voice joined the chorus calling for Rep. Earl Blumenauer to do his duty. "Ben in Aloha" (who keeps us all informed regarding weekly peace vigils on the West side) crossed the Willamette to give us more boots on the ground. Ben too is a proud US Marine.

Please join us every Thursday, noon to 2pm near the Lloyd District of NE Portland, 729 NE Oregon Street.

[video h/t Joe Anybody]

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