Saturday, January 26, 2008

¡Hola! Barack

As I heard the quote from the Obama campaign, "good, ol' fashion ass whoopin'" I clapped such that the Chris'mas lights, left hanging (abandoned, really) came on. And here comes the Senator on the telly right now.

With 99% of the returns in, a fuller extent of Obama's South Carolina victory comes into focus:

Obama 295091 55%
Clinton 141128 27%
Edwards 93552 18%
Kucinich 551 0.1%

Described in the mainstream press as a "rout," Barack Obama ends with a more than 2-1 lead over presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

It is also worth comparing the Democratic S.C. primary to the Republicans' a week earlier:
McCain 147283 33%
Huckabee 132440 30%
Thompson 69467 16%
Romney 67132 15%
Paul 16054 4%
Giuliani 9494 2%
Hunter 1048 0.2%

The Democrats managed to turn out some 90,000 more voters in their primary than the GOP did. But this is the most striking factoid. Obama received more than twice the votes than the GOP victor (and Bush war fan) Sen. John McCain. Even taking into account the larger Republican field, it is still noteworthy that Clinton and Edwards also best their place and show counterparts, Huckabee and Thompson (R.I.P.)

Should Obama win the nomination, he will have this advantage in South Carolina come November. He has already received 150,000 more votes in that state than any other rival.

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