Saturday, July 7, 2007

Edwards Cut

John Edwards Cut Short by Hair Stylist

Unbelievable! It looks like the media had decided to make John Edwards' hairdo his albatros. No doubt the right wing noise machine has spun the spurned stylist's story into this perfect storm in a tea cup. Edwards now has his macaca moment and he won't be able to shake it.

By keeping the Libby cover-up scandal on the front burner until even the corporate media can no longer deny the groundswell of opposition to this band of thieves occupying the White House, Thom Hartmann and other progressive media types are helping We the People snatch justice out of the claws of injustice. The sooner we experience regime change, the sooner we can end our senseless and costly occupation in Iraq and make true and lasting progress on the great issues of the day here at Home. Any and every time Libby or Cheney or Bush is mentioned, words like treason and traitor must be part of the conversation. And always ask the question, why are the Republicans covering up these criminals.

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