Monday, July 16, 2007

Wyden no Wimp?

The Impeachment Debate is raging over at Oregon's mainstream leftwing blog. In directing readers to a comment by Senator Wyden (D-OR) buried in Portland's free weekly paper, the BlueOregon editors think they're throwing some red meat to the masses storming the Bastille with the following headline:

Wyden would have "open mind"

The story behind the story is supposedly causing eyebrows to raise "in the nation's capital" but here at home i can only roll my eyes at such praise of mediocrity. All Wyden is doing is reluctantly being put on the record that, should the House leadership grow a spine and bring about Impeachment, he'd be willing to consider bringing Bush & Co. to justice. The People are leading, and our fine Senator is willing to follow. Swell. Doesn't the Democratic establishment understand why their poll numbers are so low?

*Update: The answer to that rhetorical would be a cautious, duck-and-cover "no."

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