Thursday, July 12, 2007


"The commander in chief must rely upon the judgment of his military commanders" George W Bush, 7/12/07

Such was the pontification coming from the podium this morning, from Dubya who dubbed himself, "the Decider." With the supposed support of the majority, our military invaded Iraq in a preemptive war. Presumably this was to prevent war. He called the the pre-invasion bombing campaign "Shock and Awe" and let the missiles rain down. Were we trying to scare the terrorists or the civilians? Back home we flaunted our newest weapon, MOAB, a 20 ton bomb with a blast so large, it's been compared to a small nuclear weapon. We proved you don't need weapons of mass destruction to destroy masses of people. The Saddam regime has been toppled and it only cost $500 billion. Either you agree enough is enough or you need to be willing to keep paying for Bush's blunder (ca. 50-100 troops + $4 billion/month).

Waiting until Sep. '07 = $8 bill. + 150 dead Americans

Waiting until Apr. '08 = $40 bill. + 425 dead Americans

Waiting until Nov. '08 = $64 bill. + 1200 dead Americans

Waiting until Jan. '09 = $72 bill. + 1350 dead Americans

What are we waiting for? Iraq War Cost ###


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