Monday, July 23, 2007

While you were sleeping

In Washington DC, Fridays have long been known as good days to bury stories. If it's a scandal that needs breaking, a trial balloon that needs floating or anything newsworthy that needs leaking followed by immediate covering up, Friday is your day.

So it was last Friday. I managed to blog on Bush's brown shirts, the latest Iraqi goalposts shifting in the sand and Cheney's plan to be President for a day.

Somehow, i missed this gem. After expanding his dictatorial powers last week by banning any activities deemed to harm the Iraq effort (the Treasury Department is authorized to confiscate all your assets), the our Great Leader, in a feat of rhetorical gymnastics so convoluted it will make your head implode, claimed that White House officials are immune from congressional contempt charges anytime the President invokes executive privilege.

Bush's reasoning is that since a US attorney is the one who must bring a charge of contempt of Congress to a grand jury, he has the authority block their actions since they are part of the executive branch and subject to the will of the Decider in Chief.

Bill Clinton must be shaking his head, wondering who you have to blow in this town in order to get impeached.


Kari Chisholm said...

One more time: The Bushies are evil, but they're not Nazis. When you correlate what they're doing to what the Nazis did, you cheapen what the Nazis did.

In other words, by saying Bush=Nazis, you're trying to mean "Bush is super-evil-bad" but you really end up saying "Nazis are regular-plain-old-bad."

The Nazis, Stalin, the Khmer Rouge, and a handful of others slaughtered millions of people. That's just not the same as the GOP.

Thom said...

Certainly the "Nazi" issue is a very delicate one.

In 2004 i pedaled from Prague to Berlin through the Czech Republic and the former East Germany. Older folks more than once cautioned me that there were simply too many parallels between the Bush regime and the National Socialist rise to power.

Bush has done more harm to our democracy than any American i know. No analogy will be perfect and i don't want to debate who caused the worst holocaust.

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