Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kremer vs. Kari

Little did i know when I decided to take in a bit of KXL's Kremer Komedy Hour last Saturday, that this little pundit that could (out of Oregon's Right field) would prove to provide even more amusement.

In a scathing post directed at the DPO's media megaphone, Kari Chisholm, Kremer takes the mean man from Mandate to task for blatant plagiarism. He points to a recent quote by Chisholm: "In Republican circles, there ain't nothing that succeeds like total, epic failure" and responded with the following admonition:

Hey! Kari! Write your own stuff!

Anyone who knows me has heard me say the same exact thing as a motto for Oregon. I've said it many times on the air, and a simple search of my blog shows the times I have written it down here.

I did search Kremer's blog and sure enough, he's been blogging the line "Portland: Where nothing succeeds like failure" since January, 2008!

The problem is, it's a cliché. (Does Rob Kremer think he invented blogging, too?) Or perhaps he should expand his wordsmith witchhunt to include Daniel Pipes of the Jerusalem Post, who labelled an article in February 2001:

Nothing succeeds like failure

This was clearly a pre-emptive copyright infringement!

In defense of Kari Chisholm, he's less likely to take credit for somebody else's words than to try and hide his own authorship when he's using Blue0 to shill for his clients. He got busted for this right around the time Willy Week nominated him as Rogue of the Week "for excessive use of bullshit in his mud-slinging."

After getting caught with his hand in the internet cookie jar, he managed this excuse:

Posted by: Kari Chisholm | Aug 28, 2007 11:02:59 AM
actually, Kari DID post this entry.
Um, folks... Yes, I did write this entry. I didn't say that I didn't. You'll note that I post a version of the "please don't assume" comment every single time that someone suggests that I wrote a particular post. I've done it dozens of times over the last year.
I write many of the posts. I don't write all of them. When I'm posting my opinions, I do it over my own name. When it's in the "Voice of BlueOregon", it's much more neutral. (That is neutral/progressive - not neutral/neutral.)

Then he went ahead and fiddled with his blog so as to further disguise the "neutral" voice of BO. (But he forgot to tell his co-editors... oops!)

It also looks like Kari Chisholm ripped off their logo.

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