Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sarah hates us

Alaska Governor and Republican standard bearer Sarah Palin continued her rant against the media today and broadened her attacks to include bloggers. (Presumably because they insist on talking about inconvenient truths such as her own premarital sex, her daughter's baby born out of holy wedlock, her expensive taste in clothes and her incredible lack of knowledge)

(CNN) — Sarah Palin fired a new salvo in her war on the media, unloading in a new interview on her home state paper and “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie.”

The Alaska governor, who has granted a steady stream of interviews since Election Day, also told an Esquire reporter that she wishes she had told McCain campaign advisors she’d be “callin’ some of the shots.”

"Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me….

I'll tell you, yesterday the Anchorage Daily News, they called again to ask — double-, triple-, quadruple-check — who is Trig's real mom,” she said, in an interview to be published in the magazine’s March issue.

“And I said, Come on, are you kidding me? We're gonna answer this? Do you not believe me or my doctor? And they said, No." [More...]

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