Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama picks Dick

President-elect Barack Obama announced his pick today of Megachurch pastor Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation January 20th . The selection of Warren while controversial is nonetheless not surprising. It was convenient for Obama's Republican detractors when he was named the "most liberal Senator of 2007," but his votes in favor of FISA and the bank bailout as well as his opposition to gay marriage leave many progressives scratching their collective heads.

Warren's outspoken support for California's gay marriage ban, Prop 8 as well as his garden of Eden variety of fundamentalist evangelicalism (he preaches that domestic abuse is not a biblically valid reason for divorce) has already led to some criticism.

“In honoring Mr. Warren, the president-elect confers legitimacy on attitudes that are deeply contrary to the all-inclusive love of God,” said Episcopal Bishop John Chane of Washington. “He is courting the powerful at the expense of the marginalized, and in doing so, he stands the gospel on its head.” [More...]

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