Sunday, September 23, 2007

Heidi's Hoofers

Race for the Cure

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Reading this statistic, i immediately thought to the future and 2008. Looking ahead to 2008, i feel a sense of optimism. By joining Race for the Cure®, i was taking an affirmative step towards a better tomorrow. Soliciting contributions in the symbolic amount of $20.08, i was heartened and humbled to receive not only several donations, all generous, but many words of encouragement from several other friends and family members as well.

Much of my inspiration to participate came from Heidi Tauber and her team at 620AM KPOJ progressive talk radio. Sort of my daily bread... Heidi, Carl, Paul and Thom have provided me with ample food for thought. It was a genuine thrill to join Heidi's Hoofers and help make a difference by gaining support and visibility this year's event. Perhaps the most diverse team in Portland's 2007 Race for the Cure (the nation's 3rd largest this year), the Hoofers included city commissioner Randy Leonard, Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain, a world champion paraplegic athlete (Heidi's brother), broadcasters, truckers, gay couples, crossdressers, healthcare and social workers, police officers, firefighters, military veterans, cosmetologists, entertainers, film makers

All in the Family

Perhaps not everyone has a connection to a cancer with the cultural caché of breast cancer. But there isn't anyone reading this blog who hasn't been touched by the big C one way or another. I walk for for Aunt Connie and Uncle Dick (lung cancer, throat cancer). I walk for uncle Bob (prostate cancer). I walk for my sister and my dad (skin cancer). I walk for Uncle Jack, for Grampa and for Aunt Chris. I walk for my Mom whose battle with one of those "female cancers" ended four years ago.

I'm walking, because i need to do something. I need to make 2008 better than 2007. I walk for myself and for the next generation... for Renze, for Oskar and Theo... for Abby.

I walk for the moment, because i can... hand in hand with my love.

Becoming A Komen Supporter

This is the first such "benefit race" i have ever participated in. (The bridge pedal doesn't count as i'll join in just for that view from the Marquam Bridge!) I also have to name as an inspiration for this event my cousin Gary, who climbed Mt Hood this year as part of a benefit for the Lung Association in memory of his mom. Days before the climb, his dad passed from cancer as well.

Looking back, i see the seeds for hope and great expectation planted by my family (especially ma famille choisie!). Every day is filled with a multitude of choices. I am thankful to every person who chose to support me - in kind word, dough and deed.

Last chance for donors... You can click here!

(Click on all photos for enlargement goodness!)

"Was it your plan to put the KPOJ booth right next to the honey buckets?"
"Yes, but don't you like how our peach colored team shirts pop against the backdrop of these teal outhouses? We never had it so good back in Montana!"

Tom and Randy share a laugh in the midst of the 50+ strong team of Heidi's Hoofers.

Carl and Gary making a Hans sandwich under a pink halo. Ignore the symbolism!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I was lax, but here's my $20.08. Very heartfelt, sincere blog. With love and admiration and solidarity and faith, Mark

Thom said...

Hey bro! You just put us over four grand!

Abrazos to our god-son* too!

*Carl says, "Help-save-the-hyphen!"