Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Nancy Boys

or girls!

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Veterans for Peace, Seriously Pissed off Grandmothers and other concerned citizens tried to catch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and local pal Rep. Earl Blumenauer at their secret global warming summit at the Portland Convention Center today. The existence of this invitation-only event was leaked earlier in the day. Selected media were allowed to attend a press conference following.

With George W. Bush stating that American troops must die in Iraq so long as he occupies the White House, the anti-war and pro-impeachment demonstrators relegated to the streets outside were united in purpose. End the Iraq debacle by bringing Bush, Cheney & Co. to justice. (Maybe Dubya really is a "unider" after all?)

One group met earlier today in front of the dark offices of Rep. Blumenauer. They had hoped to present the congressman with letters in support of impeachment and were previously told that a staffer would be present to receive them. As with last August's broken promise of a public forum on impeachment before Congress returned to feather their DC nests, this turned out to be "bad information."

The boulevard in front of the convention center is much better traveled than lane where Earl's Portland office is located. About a third of the driversby registered their opinions. For every finger flipped off in our general direction, there were about 20 positive expressions of agreement; a wave, a thumbs up, a horn honk. [Editor's note: All of the obscene gestures came from fat men in pickup trucks with very small balls.]

As with all of our protests, we are provided by the City with adult supervision in the form of Portland police officers. Most of the demonstrators are senior citizens, so i hope tasers are set to stun except in the case of ol' Joe whose big heart can use the occasional rebooting. He and four others tried to enter the event but were held at bay by a curious combo of building security and congressional aides with a cadre of Rose City cops looking on. Had i gotten the chance to speak with the Speaker, i would have suggested she could fight global warming by cutting down on all that DC hot air. Namely, bring the "investigations" into Bush's crimes to a close and move right to impeachment.

I heard that former I-word from David Wu (D-OR) earlier in the morning. As he exited the summit i was able to ask him if he would support Impeachment hearings. He declined, but offered that his own committee is doing "investigations." That's the same term Earl used last Thursday... And Darlene used last Thursday...
PDX Police send in their B-team

and Jeff Merkley used last Thursday. For some reason, Wu didn't get the Thursday memo. And he still doesn't get it regarding impeachment. Nancy Pelosi may have taken impeachment off the table in her House. But here at home it's never been off.

[video h/t Joe Anybody]

[Bloom and Gloom: week 7 / week 8]

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