Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pirates on the Columbia

a benefit for the Oregon Crusaders, a non-profit youth performing arts organization
Thom donned his hook and cutlass and set sail for the shores of Phil's classic end-of-summer party. Buccaneer Thom steered clear of the grog but plundered the pirate food. He'll be blowing those balls of fire out his broadside when the bells strike 5. Shiver me timbers! Why did he not heed the warning? "Avast ye and beware!"

Warming up for the arrrrggh-off...

"Listen, matey... aaar ye goin to hand overrr that ale, or do i have to get rough?"
"Why don't you just walk my plank!"

"Aaarrgh! Who grabbed me booty?!"
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and this just in...

It’s the Black Spot for Gordon “Red Ink” Smith, says “Left Hook” Novick

Captain Steve: Avast, ye fair people of Oregon and hear these words from our fine new cap’n, “Left Hook” Novick, who having sailed the harsh seas of politics, hereby calls Gordon “Red Ink” Smith to account to explain his doings. [more ...]


Benitsa said...

Ahoy matey!
I had no idea your fundraiser was for the Oregon Crusaders. Kenzie and Wil have friends who did that program last year. It's sooo cooool to watch. Kenzie went to their show last summer that was held locally. If you go watch the kids Saturday, you'll see some similar stuff!
Aaargh! - you wenchy sis'

Marko said...

Yarr! One of my co-workers and his wench attended Pirate Fest and have
great photos.

Hope your Race for the Cure was terrific!

Earl was berated at the Hollywood, I read in the paper this morning.

a.b. said...

Very cool. I mean "grrrreat!"

Glad to see you both last time was in port. Beg yur pardon fer losin me sea legs at BB's ...I blame Ruby the wench and her demon whipits.

Hope to see you guys soon. err... keep yur jib tight till our ships pass again!