Sunday, September 9, 2007

Impeachment back on the table

Gosh, you leave the country for the weekend and all hell freezes over. (I blame global warming - and Canada!) Congress got an earful last month as our senators and representatives (and the Iraqi government) took time off the spend the hot August nights back home. Where our leaders had the courage to hold public forums, their constituents kept reminding them of an inconvenient truth.

When the President so willfully breaks the law, defies the Constitution and takes powers unto himself befitting a king or a dictator, impeachment isn't merely an option, it's a must. We rejected Nancy Pelosi's assessment that "impeachment is off the table" and that message must have gone back to DC with the dogged Dems. In near simultaneous statements last week, Representative's Blumenauer and Hooley from Oregon have both put impeachment back on the table.

They both use the word investigations as opposed to hearings, causing me to suspect some national Party talking points. (Didn't you get the memo?) Interesting side note: Oregon house speaker, Jeff Merkley who had previously declined to call for impeachment hearings responded to a question the same evening as the Hooley and Blumenauer statements by advocating for investigations as well. (He was careful not to use the phrase "impeachment hearings.")

It's too early to know if this is a big step forward, a baby step or a boondoggle. Time will tell. These days, i reckon time in US casualties. (It's like the metric system, only drearier.) Every month that George W. Bush is allowed to occupy Iraq (as well as the White House), another 60, 80 or a hundred service members will not return home from Bush's debacle alive.

What are we waiting for?

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