Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where's Wu?

Times up for the reluctant representative

What's up with Wu, and why won't he hold the administration accountable? Could it be that our congressman is a common scofflaw himself. When i snapped this picture today of John Law parked in the taxi zone, i had no way of knowing that the car parked ahead of it at an expired meter was waiting to whisk Oregon's first district Rep away from a conference on global warming.

To my surprise Rep. David Wu crossed my path flanked by two suits, making a beeline for the illegally parked combustion engine. I asked him if he would support impeachment hearings. He shook his head in decline, declaring however that he was on the committee doing "investigations." Then the Wu-mobile sped off in the wrong direction...

Not to my surprise, when i called Wu's office to ask which committees he sits on that are conducting investigations into the illegal conduct of Bush, Cheney & Co., i was informed that the congressman was participating in no such investigations. Lied to again by the government... Chimpanzee that.

What are you waiting for Wu?

Last Thursday, Oregon Representatives Hooley and Blumenauer did their part to put impeachment back on the table. Evidently there was some memo from Speaker Pelosi. Didn't Wu get the memo? It's alright now not to walk in lockstep with the misguided Democratic leadership who would rather solidify their chances in the '08 elections rather than uphold the Constitution they once swore to defend.

Congressman Wu... your 15 minutes of dithering are over.


maloney said...

I guess that the "I-word," "Impeachment," has been replaced with another "I-word," "investigations."

We'll see how hard they push, and where they go, but given the Dems' track record so far, I'm not too optimistic.

They have hearings, Bush stymies. The Dems hold press conferences and seem to "give up."

That's pretty much been the MO for a while now...

Thom said...

It's significant that Hooley and Blumenauer have both recently put impeachment back "on the table." If their recent call for "investigations" is nothing but a stalling tactic, then they'll pay for it in '08.

Your description of the Dems' previous patter of behavior is spot on.