Thursday, September 20, 2007

Novick for Senate

HQ Opening Bash

US Senate candidate, Steve Novick kicked off the opening of his campaign headquarters in SE Portland with a come one, come all, come as you are Bar-B-Q.

Campaign Headquarters:
1339 SE 8th
(between Main and Madison)
Portland, Oregon
Google Map

Mailing address:
Novick for Senate
P.O. Box 42349
Portland OR 97242
Phone: 503-236-7289
Merkley's man from Mandate may sell himself out as BlueOregon's "chief cook and bottle washer," but Novick has one helluva Grillmeister in campaign manager, Jake Weigler. Here we see him working overtime on his famous secret chicken. What's his secret? "Give the burned pieces to solid Novick supporters and save the best for folks still on the fence." Nobody reads this blog, so Jake's Grill secret is safe for the moment.

Cap'n Hook on the Stump

Novick got the crowd fired up before the tryptophan set in. I've seen him speak in public on a few other occasions, and i have to say this. As a candidate, he's more charming than charismatic. But when he talks, like a major league slugger, he connects. His message truly resonates with progressives like myself (until recently, i was registered with the Oregon Green Party).

Steve Novick also has a natural affinity for the working class. His father was a union organizer who, as a young man, left Brooklyn for the South to fight for civil rights. Steve's mother dropped out of college when she had her first child (Steve). She became one of the first Head Start teachers, and then spent many years as a waitress in Cottage Grove. After seeing that her kids went to college, she later went back to school herself, earning a Ph.D. and became a researcher on early childhood education.

Steve talks policy, sports and life with supporters at the opening of his campaign headquarters in SE Portland.
A Novick supporter listens to TJ of Loaded Orygun.
"That's just what Novick says, TJ... Is he in there?!?"


Torrid said...

are you trying to suggest my girth is enough to swallow poor dimunitive Steve?

I support the guy, but I won't eat him.

Thom said...

The first text i was playing with went something like, "I like Steve so much, I could just eat him!" Apologies for where the muse sometimes takes me. I blame Jerry Springer.