Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm holdin' a shitload a'hot air.

The Commander in Thief addressed the nation tonight, demonstrating his improved sight reading skills. Sadly though, he still fails when it comes to math. Americans voted the Democrats to power in 2006 in part to send some adult supervision to DC and end the $1 billion/week boondoggle which is the Iraq Occupation (sponsored in part by Halliburton, Inc.). Bush's response was to stretch our military to the breaking point by sending in an addition 30,000 troops. The rationale was to give the Iraqi government time to get its Shiite together. Instead, Baghdad's parliament went on vacation. As a return on our investment, we saw continued civilian carnage and a rise in US casualties.

US Deaths By Month:
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2006 62 55 31 76 69 61 43 65 72 106 70 112
2007 83 81 81 104 126 101 79 84 ? ? ? ???

For Bush, these statistics speak of "success."

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a televised speech to the nation, Bush said he would reduce U.S. force strength by 5,700 troops by Christmas and, by next July, reduce the number of combat brigades from 20 to 15 -- a decrease of roughly 21,500 troops overall.

In other words, we'll be back to square one where we were before the "surge" at a cost of another 1,500 dead Americans.

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